Jaipur will greet you with its bright colors, its heady smell, its chaos and beauty. Jaipur is Rajasthan’s capital and the gateway to exploring this historical and magical state. The city is constantly abuzz with the calls of the merchants from its many bazaars, the cycles, the autos, and the tuk-tuks. Amidst this commotion, you can suddenly find a camel ambling through the traffic in a leisurely pace. There is beauty in this cacophony and a certain sense and calm even amidst the chaos. From this mayhem then you can move on to the structure of great architectural wonders emerging.

The historical buildings are strangely calm and relaxed taking you back to the by-gone era. Jaipur is the world of Maharaja and Rani, you too would feel like one if you succumb to the environment. The palaces and the temples are examples of great architectural wonders. The royal family still lives on the City Palace, the filigree-worked windows of the Hawa Mahal looks down upon the busy world passing by and the Jantar Mantar holds testimony to the scientific progress made by India since history. A little far away is the Amer Court, a magical fort on top of a hill which would seem like a far-away land tucked in history. It retains the grandeur of the ancient times with its Sheesh Mahal- or the palace of thousand mirrors-echoing the best of the place.

Part of Jaipur’s charm is the pink walls running through and around the city. History says that Maharaja Ram Singh painted the whole town pink to welcome Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria. The tradition has been maintained since then. This subdued pink tone adds a romantic charm to the city and will melt your heart to it.

The old and the new world runs parallel in Jaipur. It is a city with whirlwind experiences-where all the sights that it has to offer shall overwhelm you. With the help of the Sirsi Haveli concierge you can explore the best of the city in the way you desire.

Make that trip you have always dreamt of and come to Jaipur. Jaipur is flamboyant and magical. Jaipur is a symphony in chaos. Jaipur shall steal your heart away.